We specialize in professional finish work with our combined 28+ years of carpentry skills and take pride in our work. Getting it right the first time is our dedication.


Trim: Base, Crown, Door, Window.
Cabinets: Kitchen, Bathroom, closets
Wainscot: Dining room, fireplaces.
Custom: accent walls, stairways, pantry, etc.


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Scott Brothers Custom Carpentry LLC



"Every corner is a custom cut"

Who we are

"My Grandpa was a carpenter.
He built churches, barns, and banks,
He did not work on Sundays,
No nails were put in planks,
He was level on the level,
He plumbed each and every door.
He shared his gift while on the Earth,
Here he builds no more,
He is a craftsman in gods heaven now,
A worker for our lord,
Putting all his heart and all his soul,
In each and every board,
To learn the craft like grandpa did,
I know is what I must do,
I hope and pray I too one day,
Will be there on his crew,
A craftsman in gods heaven,
A worker for our lord,
To spend eternity with tools in hand,
Shall be my just reward."

Donald J Scott

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What we do

We do detailed finish carpentry. Installing cabinetry, base trim, crown moulding, wainscoting, window trim, door trim, and custom millwork.
Our customers are our first and foremost priority and we work with you to ensure a satisfied end result. My brother and I have a combined 28+ years experience.

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