About Us

We are two of three brothers who were raised by a single mother. She taught us to work hard and dream big. We both have been working with our hands having been taught at an early age to use our grandpa's hand tools. Our mother instilled the values of integrity and kindness. We want to bring happiness and gratitude to every customer.

Anthony Scott:
About me, I was raised in Yakima Washington and graduated high school in 2004. During high school I attended wood shop throughout. That's where I picked up an eye for detail. After high school I worked briefly for a local contractor cleaning and getting lumber for the framers. I worked my way up to framer but had to leave for the military. I joined the military and served as a firefighter for 8 years. I was taught the core values of honesty, honor, duty, respect, and integrity which have been with me since. After my service I went back into construction having thought a great deal about pursuing a firefighter career or the ladder. Clearly I chose construction and learned a lot over the years. The importance of good tools for clean and precise cuts. How to get the right angle and make use of materials. Needless to say I love carpentry and enjoy a challenge. Let my perfectionism be your benefit.

Shane Scott:
I also was raised in Yakima Washington and graduated from Selah High School in 2006, where I found a love for woodworking. I had built a set of kitchen cabinet doors and used the school's CNC router machine to engrave the design in each. I was good at it and had fun. I found my calling. It allowed me to do two of the things I love, work with my hands and help people. As time went on I found myself doing small projects alot at home just to pass time and decided I should make my love for woodworking a business that I could make thrive. I still do home projects with my son in hopes he will have a passion for wood like dad does and want to carry on the family business.